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Becoming a Member

Who can join?

Any woman, 21 and over, who lives in the Museum District! Come to a meeting and see if the club is for you! No pressure to join right away.

The fun jargon from our by-laws:

The membership of the club shall consist of adult females, age 21 and over, who are residents of, or own property, in the area bounded by the eastern side of North Boulevard on the east, the eastern side of I-195 on the west, the south side of Cary Street on the south and the south side of Broad Street on the north, and who shall have paid their annual dues of $40.

Any member in good standing who moves from or sells her property in the Museum District shall be eligible to maintain her membership by continuing to pay the annual dues.

See our complete By-laws.

Benefits of Joining

By joining the MDWC, you will work with women in the neighborhood committed to strengthening the community and building relationships in the Museum District.  Members are working to improve neighborhood schools, local businesses and beautification projects.

We also have monthly meetings with speakers on various topics including wine tasting, politics, gardening, service and much more.

Wait, $40?  Are you serious?

Well, yes.  But we’re not making any money off of this – we promise.  A small portion of our budget supports families in need over the holidays, and some goes toward printing and boring things like bank fees.

Most of our budget, though, goes toward the best part: wine and food.  We are a social club, after all.  We have an extra-special buffet spread for the wine tasting each September.  For each of our nine meetings of the year, we provide wine – mostly from local vendors.

Join Now!

All you have to do is fill out this form to let us know who you are and to be added to our email list.

If you’d like to join the old-fashioned way, we’d love that, too!  Just bring a check or cash to a meeting and fill out the handy membership form there.

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