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Please join us for our January meeting with Vicki Haneberg of Virago Spirits

January 7, 2020

PICTURED: Barton, Vicki, Brad, and Barry Haneberg

GUEST SPEAKER: Vicki Haneberg

DATE: January 15th, 7:30pm

LOCATION: 3009 Hanover Avenue

Virago Spirits is all about character. Inspired by the Virago, a heroic woman of great strength, courage, determination, and vision, we work to infuse those very characteristics – the spirit of Virago – into everything we do and all that we make. Whether to pursue the impossible or celebrate life’s victories, Virago Spirits promotes strength of character and honors those who personify the Spirit of Virago. As people, we promote character. As a company, we produce Character, Distilled.

About Vicki:

Richmond’s adoration for food and beverage drives Vicki to bring that same passion and hospitality to Virago Spirits. Following college and graduate school, Vicki has worked for both a non-profit and a Fortune 500. Through her career in human resources and as an active mom of three teenagers, she knows how to get things done. Vicki rallies the team and manages Virago’s tasting room, events, and community outreach.

For more information regarding Virago Spirits, please visit their website @

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